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CLIENT SPOTLIGHT: Governor Wolf Awards Tree of Life $6.6 Million for REMEMBER. REBUILD. RENEW.

Lipton Strategies is proud to announce, our client, Tree of Life was awarded $6.6 million for the REMEMBER. REBUILD. RENEW campaign. The funding was provided through the Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP), which supports community, economic development, and revitalization projects throughout Pennsylvania.

Governor Tom Wolf visited Tree of Life on December 6th, to announce the award during a press conference held at the site of the worst antisemitic attack in U.S. history. The governor was joined by Rabbi Jeffrey Myers, Senate Democratic Leader Jay Costa and members of the Tree of Life’s REMEMBER. REBUILD. RENEW campaign to celebrate the award and mission of the project to turn the site into a new place of hope, remembrance, and education.

“Following the tragedy that occurred here, Pennsylvanians came together in solidarity to support the Tree of Life and the other congregations,” said Gov. Wolf. “We continue to stand with you today as the Tree of Life community works to reimagine this space into a welcoming place of reflection, education, and healing.

“I am proud to join you by providing this state funding to the Tree of Life’s efforts to remember and rebuild here and create a place for residents and visitors from around the world to reflect, learn, and grow.”

The project will create spaces for worship and education as well as to commemorate those who lost their lives in the tragedy. A new home for exhibitions and public programs of the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh will be included.

“We are tremendously thankful to Governor Wolf for this significant and generous investment in our effort to establish a new and reimagined space that serves not only our congregation but all of Tree of Life’s neighbors and the broader community,” said Rabbi Jeffrey Myers. “Our campaign and the grant that comes in support of it provide an opportunity to collectively renew our resolve to fight antisemitism and bigotry of all kinds, as we continue our journey of healing.”

Lipton Strategies is grateful for the work we have all accomplished and are excited to continue this journey with Tree of Life.

To view the full press conference and read the remarks, click here.

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