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CLIENT SPOTLIGHT: National Geographic Features Tree of Life and Their Story of Hope

On Tuesday, March 22nd, National Geographic released its feature "The Site of America's Worst Antisemitic Attack Wants to Tell A Story of Hope," a piece that has been in the works for over a year now. The feature tells the story of October 27th, those most closely impacted, and the rebuilding of Tree of Life with hope for the future.

This piece offers the first glimpse inside the site of the worst antisemitic attack in U.S. History - showing images of sacred spaces violated by hate contrasted with those of a community coming together in support of one another after a tragic and horrifying loss. We were honored to work with Christine Spolar and Lynn Johnson on this important piece.

Congratulations to our strategic communications partners at West End Strategy Team on a beautiful feature documenting the history of the tragedy and sharing a vision of hope for the future.

Read the full story on National Geographic here.

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