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CLIENT SPOTLIGHT: Transformational Principal Gift for #SaveLACougars

We'd like to share some exciting news about for the wildlife crossing at Liberty Canyon and #SaveLACougars Capital Campaign.

The proposal for a $5 million grant from the California Wildlife Conservation Board made it through the competitive process full board approval is expected next year. This is the largest single gift to date for #SaveLACougars and marks a pivotal moment for the project.

“The Wildlife Conservation Board has made key investments in the vicinity of Liberty Canyon and I am pleased that a funding proposal will be advancing to the WCB to assist in the construction of the wildlife crossing over Highway 101 at Liberty Canyon.” John P. Donnelly, Executive Director of the California Wildlife Conservation Board.

Thank you to the Wildlife Conservation Board for their leadership in moving this historic project forward to construct the largest wildlife crossing in the world. As of today, the #SaveLACougars Capital Campaign has raised over $13.4 million for this landmark project.

A number of named gift and recognition opportunities are available for the campaign. To inquire about adding your name to this historic project please email

To make a donation online or more about the #SaveLACougars campaign please visit

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