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Philanthropy Insights: New Year, New Me. Why Not a New Impact Strategy?

Each January we hear the phrase “New Year, New Me.” While often shared in relation to our personal resolutions and goals whether health, self-care, relationships, or career, the same should apply to setting your new philanthropy and social impact strategy.

Now is a perfect time to assess and realign your impact priorities, giving strategy, and overall philanthropic portfolio. With the beginning of a new tax year, a new Congress, and an ever-changing world, January presents us an opportunity to step back, evaluate, and chart a course for the year ahead. Here are four easy steps to jump-start your 2019 impact strategy:

1) Year-in-Review: Assess your success in 2018

2) Creating Change: Set goals in line with you impact priorities

3) Make a Plan: Chart a course for 2019 with a realistic plan to achieve your goals

4) Work the Plan: Implement your plan with regular opportunities to measure success

Remember, there are many ways to create impact beyond simply giving. If you need help planning your philanthropy and impact for 2019, email us today to set up a free consultation at

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