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Philanthropy Insights: Millennial Entrepreneurs Earn Top Rank

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Entrepreneurs are known not only as business-savy individuals, but also as generous philanthropists. They often invest their time and money in organizations addressing critical societal issues, attempting to affect positive change.

The recent Entrepreneurs as Philanthropists report from Fidelity Charitable provides important insight into why entrepreneurs engage in philanthropy and how they invest their time and money. Entrepreneurs often attributed their decisions surrounding philanthropy to lessons learned and experience owning a business.

Perhaps one of the most critical takeaways was the impact of millennial entrepreneurs. The report found that millennial entrepreneurs on average contributed double that of their baby boomer and gen-x counterparts. Millennials were also more likely to take a hands-on approach and have a corporate giving program at their business.

Learn more and check out the Fidelity Charitable study here.

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