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CLIENT SPOTLIGHT: Athletes Against Antisemitism

Congratulations to Tree of Life and the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh on their successful virtual event this week, Athletes Against Antisemitism.

The event brought together professional athletes and Rabbi Jeffrey Myers from Tree of Life in conversation with Dr. Lauren Apter-Bairnsfather from the Holocaust Center and Rabbi Jeffrey Myers from Tree of Life to discuss activism against anti-semitism and how athletes can contribute to the effort.

Joining the conversation were Zach Banner, offensive lineman for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Joshua Bell, former first baseman for the Pittsburgh Pirates, and Alysha Clark, WNBA Champion and small forward for the Washington Mystics. Each shared their experience learning about anti-semitism and discuss how we can work together to combat anti-semitism, racial justice, and move forward together in unity.

This program was one small, early example of the future work of Tree of Life to bridge divides between communities with the goal of eliminating anti-semitism and all forms of hate. Over 2,500 people from across the country tuned in to stream the event live which was also broadcast on CBS Pittsburgh.

Stay tuned for more exciting programs from Tree of Life. If you missed the program watch the recording here.

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