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Client Spotlight: Celebrities Join Tree of Life Campaign Leadership

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

We are excited to announce that Tom Hanks, Billy Porter and Joanne Rogers, the widow of Fred “Mister” Rogers, have joined the honorary cabinet of Tree of Life Congregation’s historic “Remember, Rebuild, Renew” campaign.

This is an historic step for the Tree of Life community whose place of worship was the site of the worst anti-Semitic attacks in U.S. history on October 27th, 2018.

“The Jewish community of Pittsburgh has been present for me and my family for decades. They took care of me in my early years. They took care of my mom in my absence, as I pursued my career. My love for this community is unwavering.” - Actor Billy Porter

The honorary cabinet also includes elected officials, community leaders, and notable figures including Ambassador Dani Dayan, former consul general of Israel in New York; Governor Tom Wolf; and Jared Cohon, president emeritus of Carnegie Mellon University.

"One thing is clear – hate has no place in Pennsylvania. This campaign is an important opportunity to collectively resolve to fight hatred and anti-Semitism by supporting Tree of Life [...] I'm honored to be named to this cabinet and to be a part of a campaign that seeks to overpower hate with education, support and, most importantly, love." - Governor Tom Wolf

Check out the full story and coverage in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette HERE

For questions about the upcoming campaign or to inquire about making a major gift please contact the campaign team

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