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Meet Our Newest Partner: The American Medical Association Foundation

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Lipton Strategies is excited to announce our latest partner - the American Medical Association (AMA) Foundation. Founded in 1950 by the AMA Board of Trustees, the AMA Foundation brings together physicians and communities to improve our nation's health

In 2020, the AMA Foundation announced the pending launch of the new National Fellowship for LGBTQ+ Health. This unique initiative is designed to improve the health of and address health care inequities experienced by LGBTQ+ individuals, increase the availability of culturally competent medical specialists with special expertise in LGBTQ+ health, and further integrate LGBTQ+ health care curriculum into medical education. The AMA Foundation’s National LGBTQ+ Fellowship Program encourages information sharing and collaborative efforts to sustain and expand the nation’s ability to develop highly qualified leaders in LGBTQ+ health and exponentially increase the capacity to care for LGBTQ+ patients.

As the AMA Foundation plans to award their first grant in July 2021 to a medical teaching institution, Lipton Strategies is proud to partner with the Foundation on their forthcoming national campaign to transform the landscape of LGBTQ+ healthcare and improve health equity across the United States. Learn more about this innovative project here.

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