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How Can We Help?

For so many of us, our work to create change is about collaboration and bringing people together. While we physically distance ourselves in the weeks to come, we will undoubtedly be anxious about what’s next. But we must not allow that to prevent us from continuing our work to advance our missions and drive impact.

These are uncertain times for us all and Lipton Strategies remains committed to ensuring all nonprofit organizations can continue to fulfill their vital missions.

Whether you are already a client or a nonprofit organization wondering how to proceed during this period of uncertainty, know that we are here to help. Lipton Strategies is offering free 30-minute consultations to assist your planning efforts for the weeks and months ahead.There are no obligations, no "catch" – we are simply here to support you in continuing your vital work!

I encourage you to click here and set up your free consultation.

As we prepare for the weekend I would like to share my tradition of weekly gratitude with you. This week I am especially grateful for the tens of thousands of healthcare workers who are working around the clock to care for those affected. And, as always, I am grateful for the dedicated nonprofit professionals who during this difficult time remain steadfast in their commitment to make the world a better place for us all.

If we can be of any help to you or your organization, please do not hesitate to email us at We are here for you!

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