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Profile in CSQ Magazine Philanthropy 100

Our Founder + Principal, Jonathan Lipton, was featured in the Philanthropy 100 edition of CSQ Magazine for his work with Creative Community for Peace (CCFP).

“Since its inception, CCFP has reached more than a thousand artists and their representatives, and entertainment industry executives throughout the United State and Europe. Through our high-level advisory board, we carry the message that music and the arts have the ability to bring people together and can help unify rather than divide. I’ve spent my career dedicated to leaving the world better than how I came into it. For me, the work of CCFP allows me to fulfill that goal—by connecting people who otherwise may not meet or engage in dialogue. As a result of our work at CCFP, we have the ability to help lower tensions and even help lay the foundations for peacebuilding.” - Jonathan Lipton

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