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The Next Generation of Social Entreprenuers

This weekend we had the privilege of joining the Diamond Challenge as a judge for the Diamond Challenge qualifying round in Southern California.

The Diamond Challenge, presented by the University of Delaware, is the premier platform empowering the next generation of leaders through entrepreneurship. The competition has two parallel tracks - one for business innovation and one for social innovation. Since 2012 the Diamond Challenge has engaged tends of thousands of students from across the United States and around the world.

We had the privilege of hearing over 100 youth from across Southern California, Arizona, and Nevada pitch their innovative concepts ranging from new products to combat in-home kitchen fires to non-profits advancing employment for individuals with disabilities. After nearly 4 hours of pitching the winners in each track were announced and advanced to the semi-finals which will take place later this Spring at the University of Delaware.

Congratulations to all the youth who participated! Each team inspired us and demonstrated a future generation of leaders passionate about creating change through social entrepreneurship.

Learn more about the Diamond Challenge by visiting

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